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This wordpress blog is about the shortest line between a database and visual data exploration.

I assume the database and the graphic tool kits and consider agile data access.

The ‘shortest line’ part suggests domain specific query languages connecting the database to the visualization engine. A general query language knows not the user’s intent and thus rendered verbose. Domain specific query languages use expert knowledge to craft agile access to data.

The Sports Data Query Language, or SDQL, is an example of a domain specific query language. In this case, the ‘domain’ is sports and ‘agile access’ includes short cuts, access to running averages, and easy access to a team’s previous games and match ups. For example, the SDQL:


translates to:

In their last match up, the team won at home as a dog and the game went over the projected total.

The data visualizations presented here are made with the SDQL at SportsDatabase.com and I hope you make and contribute your own!


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