SDQL Baccalaureates

Ed Meyer of is Dean of Undergraduate SDQL Education and has conferred the following Baccalaureate Degrees.

Ralph Michaels

Ralph is the founder of California Sports and tweets SDQL under @CalSportsLV.

Charlie’s Hustle

Charlie’s Hustle tweets SDQL in multiple sports under the handle @CharliesHustle2.

Jason Ripps

Jason, aka ‘Jay1’, is a frequent SDQL contributor to many fine publications.

Mr Pickem

Mr Pickem loves numbers and tweets SDQL under the handle @mrpickem.

Dwayne Bryant

Dwayne Bryant is the owner/handicapper of You can find DB on Twitter @DB_BettingPicks.


Dean is a firm believer in empirical evidence and loves applying data from the SDQL to pick his spots. Tweets under the handle @deanerr.

Devon Pack

Tech geek and diehard sports fan who looks for the logic to match the data. Tweets SDQL under the handle @The5Pack

Dr. Neil Laccone

Dr Laccone is a technical handicapper and helps maintain the sports database. He tweets under @NL3290

John Ryan

Founder of John Ryan Sports, who loves to use the SDQL to generate money-making database queries. You can find John on his Twitter handle @JohnRyanSports1

Juannell Jefferson

Mr Jefferson is a CPA from Chicago and graduate of an SDQL seminar held in his hometown. He tweets under @juannellcpa

Jim Dandy

The SDQL has helped @Jim_Dandy succeed in capping hockey and baseball over the past several years.


$treakCooler has been finding and following SDQL trends since 2013. Free Picks available on Twitter under the handle @StreakCoolers.

Database Sports Picks

Database Sports Picks is always on the daily search for winning trends in MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL. Tweets SDQL info frequently @DatabasePicks.

Joe Oxford

Joe Oxford loves using the data the SDQL generates for his daily handicapping. Joe tweets @ousooner.

The Rooktiss

The Rooktiss combines his professional sports background and his degree in Psychology with the SDQL to formulate spot and box systems for high ROI plays. Feel free to follow him on Twitter at @Rooktiss.

Mr Watts

Your average sports fan with an above-average craving for data interrogation. Found on Twitter @PHatwatts.


A data analyst who has been sports betting since 2007. He started using the SDQL in 2012 to increase his ROI and win percentage. Follow him on Twitter @you_capper!

The Real Degenerate

TheRealDegen’s love for analytics and professional sports combine into a passion for sports betting. He tweets daily picks and SDQL under the handle @TheRealDegen

Nate Bianco

Nate is an avid sports fan who uses the SDQL daily to discover trends in all sports. Tweets under the handle @SDQLKid

A. E. Gupko

a.k.a “Roughing the Picker,” Tweets under @rewgupko and enjoys the challenge of beating the linesmakers with the SDQL. His favorite league to exploit lines is the NFL and loves playing totals in baseball and basketball.

M. C. Betts

M. C. Betts tweets under the name @808Betts. He love stats and data analytics in all sports and never makes a betting decision without the SDQL.

System of a Win

System of a Win uses SDQL daily for analysis and digging up profitable trends. An educator by trade, he appreciates being able to help others become successful learning and using SDQL. He tweets under @systemofawin.


Ex-Finance received his Ph.D. in nonlinear physics from the University of Illinois, where his focus was making predictions on high dimensional systems. After spending 20 years honing his prediction expertise in the finance world, he is now applying his skills to Sports Handicapping using the Sports Data Query Language. Twitter handle is @Ex__Finance.

A. Wang

  1. Wang is a CPA that loves utilizing SQDL to bolster his handicapping skills and enhance sports betting from an entertaining hobby into a profitable investment. His Twitter handle is @awang_htx.


EVwagers is an IT professional by day and loves using the SDQL to discover new trends to share with the people and help everyone win. Twitter Handle: @evwagers.