Points v Date for NBA Player in 2016


This small multiple set shows each NBA players cumulative points vs date for the 2016 season. The SDQL is simple:

date,1*S(points) @ team and name and season=2016

Note how `team` in the first conditional position creates the exogenous groups. That is, for each team there is a separate scatter plot. The implicit grouping by `name` maps to the endogenous groups. That is, each curve represents a player’s season-to-date points vs the date.

The league high scorer is on the Thunder with a Rocket close behind.

Suns and Wizards have dominate twins.

Hawks, Timberwolves and Blazers had them.

Cavaliers and Warriors have three.

A significant Celtic, Raptor and Spur recovered.

This matplotlib graphic was made at SportsDatabase.com
with the SDQL

date,1*S(points) @ team and name and season=2016