MLB Win Percentage vs Number of Games for One Run Games

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August 27, 2016

This scatter plot show winning percentage (vertical axis) vs number of game (of the horizontal axis) for each MLB team in 2016 through August 26.

The Mariners have the most (47);
The Rangers the highest win rate (77.78%)

This matplotlib graphic was made at
with the SDQL

S(1) as Number of One Run Games, A(W) as Winning Percentage of One Run Games, R(team) @ team and (math.fabs(runs-o:runs)=1 and season=2016) as ‘Winning Percentage of One Run Games v Number of One Run Games\nfor MLB teams through Aug 26, 2016’ ?ymin=0.2 &ymax=0.8 &polyfit=1

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