Cubs Historically Efficient

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These scatter plots show the average runs per 10 hits vs average runs for MLB teams. Each of the small multiples represents a season starting with 2005 in the upper left through 2016 (through July 4) in the lower right.

The highest average runs per game was achieved by the Yankees in 2007.

The most outstanding team over this time period was the 2015 Blue Jays.

The scatter plot for 2016 at the lower right shows that the Cubs are on pace to set the highest runs per hit efficiency in more than 10 years and that Atlanta and the Royals are near the historic futility of the 2013 Marlins and the 2010 Mariners.

This matplotlib graphic was made at
with the SDQL

A(runs),A(10*runs)/A(hits),Replace(team),R(season)@team and season|$1 as Runs,$2 as Runs Per 10 Hits,$3@$4 and ($4>2004) as ‘Runs per 10 Hits vs Runs\nMLB Teams since 2005’?marker_size=38&width=1600

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