Guard v Forward FanDuel Fantasy Points for Each NBA Team

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Guard v Forward Fantasy Points
Guard v Forward Fantasy Points

This set of small multiple scatter plots shows the guard’s v forward’s fantasy points for each NBA team through Nov 22, 2015. Each scatter plot show the performance of a team. The horizontal position of each dot gives the total fantasy points for that team’s starting forwards and the vertical position that for the starting guards.

The Hornets in the upper left show the most negative correlation: when the guards get a lot of fantasy points the forwards get few. At the other extreme in the lower right the Nuggets show the most positive correlation: when their guards do well so do their forwards.

Also notable is the relatively tight correlation (seen by the narrow shaded region of normalcy) for the Jazz, Thunder and Grizzlies and that the Wizard’s Forwards are most consistent in their Fantasy output.

How might this inform your Fantasy choices?

This matplotlib graphic was made at with the SDQL

S(FP@position=F and date and team) as Forwards,S(FP@position=G and date and team) as Guards,R(team) @ season=2015 and team and date|$1,$2@$3 as ‘Guard v Forward Fantasy Points\n all NBA teams in 2015’?polyfit=1&transparency=0.3&polyfit_show=0&marker_size=10&symmetric=1

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