NFL 2014 Passing Yards v Passes

NFL 2014 Passing Yards v Passes

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NFL 2014 Passing Yards v Passes
NFL 2014 Passing Yards v Passes

This scatter plot shows passing yards v passes for each NFL player in 2014 that threw a pass.

Each team icon represents a player.

The dashed line is the linear fit with a slope of 7.3 yards per pass.

The Saints and Steelers tied for the most yards with the Saints taking more passes to get there.

The Packers and Cowboys stick out above the shaded region of normalcy with high yards per pass: The Raiders have an anomalously low yards per pass.

Passers break up into several groups. The upper right cluster are on passing teams; the next cluster are on rushing teams; finally teams with more than one quarterback.

Interestingly quarterbacks on teams with more than one often have very similar numbers.

At the low end of very few passes are a lot of running backs and punters on trick plays.

This matplotlib graphic was made at
with the SDQL
S(passes),S(passing yards),Replace(team)@season=2014 and name|int($1) as Passes,int($2) as Passing Yards,$3@1 as ‘Passing Yards v PassesnNFL Players in 2014’?polyfit=1&polyfit_error_scale=80&marker_size=30&polyfit_show=1

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