NBA Margins in 2013.

Histogram of NBA Margins in 2013

This colorfully stacked histogram shows the distribution of points minus opponent points (the margin) for all NBA games in 2013.

I like it because one sees quickly that:

  • Seven was the most common final score margin, followed by 6, 5, 4, and then 8 and 9 were equally common;
  • A margin of 1 was as common as 11.

The colors are arguably gratuitous as individual teams are hard to distinguish.

One does see a purple bump to the right; are we learning anything?

This more austere version chooses one color and shows each game once.


Margin of Victory for each NBA game in 2013


To build histograms like this yourself, start with the SDQL; margin @ season=2013 and team




Innings Pitched (times 3) for Giants Starters in 2013

Innings pitched times 3 for Giants starters in 2013
Outs (innings pitched times 3) for Giants starters in 2013

I’m just learning about matplotlib’s coloring rules.  Here I am using: plt.get_cmap(‘gist_rainbow’) and might have to look a little harder there.

I like this histogram because we see from a distance that Giants starters most often go 7 innings, followed by 6 and 5.

I like this because we see quickly that Lincecum and Petit had complete games and for 8 complete innings we can just about read off: 2 for Lincecum; 3 for Bumgarner, 3 for Cain; and 1 for Vogelsong.

To improve it; show each game as a block, rather than bars of some length. This reinforces the idea of a unit and we can count small stacks.

Also, I had trouble with the colors in the green-blue. Is that me?