NHL Goals v Penalty Minutes

NHL Goals v. Penalty Minutes

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NHL Goals v Penalty Minutes
NHL Goals v Penalty Minutes

This matplotlib scatter plot shows Goals v Penalty Minutes for each NHL team through Nov 28, 2014.

Also shown in the second order polynomial fit and shaded region of normalcy.

The Sabres are outstanding in their low number of goals in relation to their high number of penalty minutes.

At the other extreme, the Lightning score a lot of goals with few penalty minutes.

The sports data graphic was made at SportsDatabase.om with the SDQL: S(penalty minutes),S(goals),R(team),R(name)@team and season=2014|$1 as Penalty Minutes,$2 as Goals,$3@1 and ($3) as ‘NHL Goals v Penalty Minutes’?marker_size=50&polyfit=2&polyfit_error_scale=0.01

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