Small Multiples: starter’s innings pitched for each MLB team in 2013

This beautiful small multiple set shows how many outs the starter got in 2013. The Tigers starters got 21 outs 49 times during 2013 and the Braves starters lasted 18 outs also 49 times.

The finger-like structure is due to the starting going a complete number of innings.

The bands in the histograms represent different starters; only experts can guess who is blue.

The Nationals like their starters to finish the inning; Cleveland and the Angles less so.

It looks like there are a lot of stories in there.

See anything interesting?


Small Multiples: NBA Fantasy Points Distributions


This Matplotlib generated box-plot small multiple shows the distribution for each NBA team’s fantasy points in 2013.

I like it because one distinguishes quickly a super-star driven team with a steep profile from a more balanced team with a flatter profile.

It could be improved by featuring the data rather than the constructed box.

The Grizzlies stand out in that their top three have very similar fantasy point production and then quite a drop off.

This image was generated dynamically using the small multiple engine at

The SDQL is simple: FP @ team and name and season = 2013